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Are you looking to create your own small world from scratch? We can supply a wide range of products for this, so check us out for a simple guide as to creating your own ecosystem from naturally sourced materials and minimal investment.

You can take a look at some containers for your terrarium or vivarium by clicking here.

You can also take a look at some of our guides, which cover topics such as what plants will best fit your terrarium, terrarium care and more!

Guides & Advice

Are you unsure on how to get your terrarium build underway? We have created some of the best guides on the market to ensure that your terrarium build is carried out smoothly. Check them out here!

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"Having read through some of the guides I decided to make my first purchase through TerrariumWorld, and I couldn't be happier!"

Mary Crane

"10/10 for the advice given, my first time terrarium is still doing great after 3 months time."

Jack Barry

"The terrarium I ordered was of a great quality and the terrarium guides helped a bunch."

Jayden Fox